As explained in the Book, the “Pulsed Sweep” was perfected by Dr Robert Beck, who had a massive following, and designed some very innovative Electro Therapy Device (machines) : Page 18 of the Instruction Book:

The Pulse / Sweep function is identical to the “SWEEP” mode, with the exception that the machine Pulses the Group’s 10 frequencies every Second, rather than the normal “Sweep” Play-back which is 10 Minutes per frequency (non pulsed). This is also good if you don’t have time for a full treatment on SWEEP. If you only have 30 minutes to do a treatment you can use the PULSE SWEEP function and you will get all 10 frequencies delivered to the body for those 30 minutes, whereas if you used the SWEEP function you would only get the 1st 3 frequencies. You can pause and start back where you left off, but when short on time the Pulse SWEEP is the way to go.

Pulse uses a unique processor to “Store” and “Build” the Energy in a momentary Off Position, only to Pulse this Stored Energy back into the body in a quick Sweeping motion; increasing the effectiveness of the Frequency and focusing the Waveform and moving the energy deeper in the body for more efficient healing treatments.

Dr Beck discovered this method by converting one of his original “Rife” Devices & moving circuit output through a Canon Camera Pulsed Flash, removed from an old camera. Dr Beck found that treatments were far more effective using the Stored energy Pulsed output, than via the standard fixed output methods. The same Pulsing methods are used in your Pro-Device, using modern microchip technology.


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