Only the Rife Digital Professional or the Zapper Digital Professional have these options.

The Object of Super Sweep and Convergence Sweep is to sweep all frequencies. This sweeps through all 1 million frequencies. The Super Sweep – 1 Second per frequency provides the user a full spectrum “zap” of all frequencies over a period of about 7 hours. These new functions are provided on much more expensive machines such as the GB4000 and have had good results, so we are now providing our customers with the same technology.

The Convergence also sweeps through all one million frequencies but it runs the highest and lowest frequencies at the same time. Still takes several hours. Either of these functions is good to use for prevention or if you don’t know what’s wrong.

Now if people want to follow time periods of treatment, then they should ignore super-sweep and Convergence Sweep and use the Groups to record frequencies in intervals of 10 minutes each frequency. This would use the SWEEP or RUN functions. Personally I use the SWEEP for the first treatment and then switch over to the PULSE SWEEP for my 2nd treatment.

Another point of interest: Dr Clark introduced the shorter “zap” periods after she was sued for burning a person with her FG (Frequency Generator Zapper) straps. Realistically, instead of reducing “time” to 7 minutes to prevent rash/burning, she could have opted for “Palm Straps” or “Foot Straps”. The Foot/Palm Strap ideas were only introduced since 2006 with the “Super Zapper”, and these innovations resolved the “Rash/Burn” problems, and allowed zapping for extended periods of time.

It is interesting to see that Dr Clark was quite ahead of her time in 1980 regarding the Zapping technology, however she did not foresee that her “Steel Handholds” would cause Rash/Burns on the sensitive areas of her client: (treatment of breast area of client).


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